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2-0-1-3 In Review


And I'm super proud to say: the end of this blog's first year. So today, I present to you...

A new (and exciting) year for Eat.Pray.WOD. The year started out a little rough with an open letter. I was excited to figure out how to scale and learned to deal with feeling guilty and cheating reps. I got some awesome news and shared the 10 things I learned in the box.

The month I started out a little off balance. I got it together to talk about what beauty is becoming to me and why I hate the word "thick". I started a paleo challenge that taught me 5-very important-things, then talked about how CrossFit changed my dating life.

I ran my first 5K ever and got concerned about boobs and snatches. I talked about why I hate Sensa and got a little religious. I answered some Q's with some A's before boxjumpin' all over Texas.

The CrossFit Open was over and I discussed why it was important for me to enter along with why notebooks are important for progress. The world was shocked by a tragedy at the Boston Marathon, I got homesick, and I talked a little bit about real life.

I blogged everyday in May and covered a ton of topics. Getting muscly was a big deal and there was a letter from a former fat girl. I lamented being a grown up. I talked about things I'm terrible at and things that make me really happy. I explored ways you might be doing CrossFit wrong and wrote an open letter to my students. To finish it all out, I realized that sometimes my sarcasm isn't well received and I got to work up close and personal at the South Central Regional games. 

June taught me that I'm as good once as I ever was and how to put my big girl panties on. Team Randa needed help and my bff April became Mrs. Jones. I wrote a sweet letter to my 21 year old self and judged my first competition. Just before the end, we all became Team Del.

I talked about cellulite and being virtuous. I named my CrossFit games favorites and reflected on the real cost of fitness.

I introduced y'all to my friend Rachael, explained that while the Games are AWESOME, they are NOT crossfit. I then offered up an anniversary, an apology, and an award.

I found motivation, went to the most wonderful and extravagant marital celebration ever, and thought about taking tequila shots.


I became a dog mom and learned to swim. I was fitness-shamed and became a supermodel.

Good, bad, and ugly. I revealed some secrets even Mama Nancy didn't know and got comfortable with my peaches

FINALS WEEK! made me a little crazy. I wrote a letter to my future husband and got defeated by the bar. Our family of friends was rocked by remembering Randa and I took a look back at my goals.

That's it! A whole year in review. I hope you guys have a great New Year's Eve and New Year's Day and make good choices. Can't wait to see ALL of you in 2014!

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