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Fish Oil, Glucosamine, Ibuprofen, OH MY!

It' s Monday and being injured sucks.

Every day that I go to the gym, all I want to do is whatever the rest of the team is doing and I can't. You never really know how much you need your knees in functional movement until one of them doesn't work anymore. 

My shoulder is feeling much better, I can push overhead without much pain and I have fairly painless complete range of motion. But my knee, that's another story. 

This was how I felt this morning: like I just couldn't get shiz together. 

I'm taking my fish oil, glucosamine, and my ibuprofen religiously, but maybe I need some deer antler spray or some unicorn meat. Where would I get that? I already checked Whole Foods. Outta luck there. Maybe I'll try to catch up with Ray Lewis before he high-tails it outta Louisiana and ask for suggestions. 

Good news: I was a little more motivated this morning thanks to the Juvenile Pandora station that played on the stereo. Everyone knows Juvenile's my deep secret love. (Maybe not so secret anymore)

I hope all of y'all have a great Monday and get after it in the gym! Do something big today. Hit a PR. Break your own records. Make up a new dance move! Dougie like a champ! Whatev. BE GREAT!

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