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Praying for Boston

Yesterday, as I taught my kiddos about mostly life and a little bit of Spanish and Social Studies, runners were running in the Boston Marathon. 

I am always impressed by runners.
Mainly because I can't run to save my life.
I run only if I absolutely have to. 
I always make the joke that, If God had intended me to be a runner, he wouldn't have let me make my boobs so big. 

The Boston Marathon is kind of a big deal. Even I, as a way non-runner, know that. People train and work and sweat just to QUALIFY for this thing. I can only imagine what it feels like to take off from that starting line and cross the finish.

In a shocking, tragic, and cowardly series of events yesterday, many of those runners were unable to finish. Not because they didn't want it. But because a group of terrorists-yes, TERRORISTS-planted and detonated two bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. While 1500 miles away, I was teaching (or at least attempting to).

I can't even find words to express how saddened and distraught I am at this extreme display of cowardice. Whoever is responsible for this was clearly attempting to mar what should have been an exciting event. 

Now, there are families missing members, mamas without their babies, babies without their mamas, friends without their friends. And for runners, running will never be the same.

But it is said that our country is never more unified than in the face of adversity and sorrow. And that saying stands true today. Even more than the sadness and shock I felt, I felt proud of the people who had the presence of mind to aide those in need. The people who ran to the scene rather than away from it. Who scooped up the injured and ran to a hospital, flocked to donate blood, and immediately responded to those in need of their help, comfort, and support.

Today, and everyday, I am proud of our country. Yes, like anything anywhere, there is bad. But there is always more good than bad. In the darkest of times, I will continue to say my prayers for all those in need of them. I will pray for those who have been affected by this Boston Marathon act of terrorism-which is everyone-and I hope you do, too.

Pray for peace, pray for hope, pray for love, pray for tolerance, pray for freedom, pray for others, pray for yourself, pray for your friends, pray for your enemies, pray for our world.

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