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Finding your motivation

Working out is hard. 
In a society where people who work out regularly is not the norm, it can be really difficult to find the motivation to just get off your ass and go. 
A lot of people do the "oh, I'll start tomorrow" or, "I'll start Monday," or the really awful, "new year's resolution!" 

I was that person, too. 
I was always going to start Monday.

And then Monday came and went and I wasn't anywhere close to starting anything.

And then I found CrossFit. 

And I found myself waking up early to get to the gym. Not just to work out, but to hang out with Malcolm, Vince, Nick, Nicole, Catherine, Saul, Andrew (or Stephen, depending on the day) and whoever else happens to show up in those ass early workouts. 
The original 5 am + Nate
They motivated me. They pushed me. They know what I suck at because they watch me do it all the damn time. And they don't let me suck as bad at it. They're my people.

Over this past year of CrossFit, one of my most proud moments was the morning Malcolm told me "good work, Ace," after I busted my ass in a WOD. I was laying there, drenched, unsure if I could even make it to work after that. But that moment meant everything. Fast forward to a few months later and my mama-my dear, sweet, southern, mama who has never touched a weight in life-told me how proud she was about my 95# snatch pr. When I make people proud, I make myself happy. I remember every "good job", every yell, every "pick it up!", every high five. It feels like all the pain and the struggle and the work hard was worth it for me. 

We start out the mornings with an "EVERYBODY GOTTA GO TO WORK" and finish out with "good job/good work".

Through them, my people, I found my motivation. I want to be strong. I want to lift heavy. I want to make my people proud. 
St. Patty's Day Parade
And when I can make them proud, I make myself proud.
Me and Nicole at Battle of the Fittest-our people looking on in the background. Photo Credit: Mike Buck Photography

And I don't have anymore "I'll start Monday"'s. 

What's motivating you?

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