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The thing about: cheating reps

"1...2...3...4...5...F*CK, what number was I on?"

We've all been there. You're in the middle of your super high intensity, constantly varied, functional movement and you lost count of your freakin' reps. That's annoying.

So when you restart, you pick a number that you definitely know you already did and do more than necessary to get all your reps in, right? RIGHT? 

We've all been at that point. And at that moment, you have a choice to make: start lower so you can get your maximum workout...or start a little higher and shave a few reps. You probably did them anyway, huh? 

Here's the thing about that: you don't get what you didn't earn when it comes to your body. Neal Maddox didn't get to look like this by cheating reps.
See this guy? He doesn't cheat reps. 
Cheating reps might get you a better time or get "more rounds in" but you're cheating yourself. 

I'll be completely honest: I do not care about your time on the board or how many reps you got in on an AMRAP. I rarely look at them. The only person I'm trying to beat everyday is me. 

If you're in any kind of fitness program, the focus should be on you. You should be most concerned about making a better YOU. The point is that you finish the workout and get better. Not that you put up some fake world record time. If you shave Fran down to 20-13-5, it isn't Fran anymore! No one is going to be impressed with you completing Fran's way less fit twin.

I know we all lose track of reps, we all have fudged up a time or two (or in my case, a million. Y'all know I'm terrible at counting). Get in the box or the gym or whatever. Work hard. Push as hard as you can and fight to finish the workout. Finish it every time. Whether you take 16 minutes to finish Fran or 3 minutes to finish Fran, you're still finishing FRAN. 

Cheating reps is doing less work and isn't making you more fit. In the long run, you get what you work for and not what you wish for. 

Get to work today!

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