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Meet Me At The Bar: How CrossFit Changed My Dating Life

Remember when dating was simple in like, 3rd grade? Slip 'em a note: Do you like me? Check yes or no. 
Easy peasy.

Well, now that I'm a grown-up (for the most part, I guess) things are a little bit different. And then CrossFit happened to me.

True story this happened: 
I'm on a date with this guy (which made my foam roller boyfriend super jealous) and we're having an okay time. I mean, it's a first date and those are always kind of awkward. But we're having a time nonetheless and he reaches for my hand. And as he touches it, he feels my callouses and immediately pulls his hand backā€¦and adds the comment, "Ew. Why do your hands feel like that?" I shrugged it off and said, "I do a lot of pull ups." He responded with, "if that's what CrossFit does to your hands, you're just gonna have to quit all that."

Needless to say, the date ended for me right there. 

I've come to this conclusion that I just don't think I can date someone who isn't involved with CrossFit. Why? Because only other CrossFitters understand the level of crazy that makes me keep going back to the box and torturing myself. They understand why it's awesome to push yourself so hard you throw up. They think it's super cool when you hit a new PR or you develop a new rip. They understand pregnant arms, Bambi legs, and how much I hate Fran. I never have to explain why a kipping pull up is a pull up or why deadlifts and squats aren't dangerous. Mostly because they do it, too. They drink the same flavor kool-aid as me. (Sugar free, of course. Paleo kool-aid. If cavemen had kool-aid, they would have drank it. Bet.)

Because I want to be great at CrossFit, I've got to be with someone who understand why I want to be great. They've gotta be okay with me going to the box at 5 am and again at 4 pm. They've gotta be cool with random bruises on my body, a constant state of soreness, grunting, cursing, sweating and bitching/moaning/complaining about ice baths and stretching. They've got to understand (and hopefully appreciate) that what I do inside of the box makes me a better person outside of the box.
See this? I wanna do stuff like this!
So while dating isn't as easy as it was in 3rd grade, I guess I can make it a little easier on myself by lookin' for people who are just as interested in my CrossFit cult family as I am. Hopefully, some Neal Maddox-like CrossFit hero comes riding in to the box on a white GHD and saves me like the weightlifting princess, I am! (j/k, yo)

Until then, y'all can find me in the box, working on things I suck at and sweating my a** off :)

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