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Boxjumpin' all over Texas

…okay, maybe not all over Texas, but at least all over Katy.

Is it really Thursday? Do I really have to go back to Baton Rouge? Bluh. I want to stay in the Lone Star state with my friends and family.

Okay, enough whining. Most of you know, but if you don't, any time I travel, I look for different boxes to visit wherever I'm traveling for two reasons:

1) Because traveling does not negate the fact that I need to work out.
2) Because I like collecting t-shirts from other boxes.

So since I've been home, I've been lucky enough to visit 3 boxes and I'll give the rundown on all three!

CrossFit Annihilation
Run by my friend Randi and Kyle Flowers, CFA is Katy's newest CrossFit gym. They have an awesome facility and Kyle's a really knowledgeable coach. Thankfully, they have members that range from experienced to beginner and the atmosphere is so welcoming! Reminds me of my CF home, Red Stick CrossFit. In addition to the owners being great, the members really work hard and have a great attitude about becoming better. 

CrossFit Katy
CrossFit Katy is Katy's first and oldest CrossFit gym and this is actually the second time I've dropped in. I did 13.4 at CrossFit Katy and, even though I didn't have the best showing, I was really thankful for my friend Jordan cheering me on and taking photos and her friends cheering me on, too. It's really obvious that Neal and the rest of the coaches put a lot of work into their athletes and it shows. I was way impressed by the members of CrossFit Katy that are participating in the open! 

Fidelis CrossFit
If you know me, you know that I L-O-V-E Fidelis. Just starting out, Fidelis was the first box I ever dropped into and I adore Pete. He's so thorough and so patient with all of his athletes (and y'all know I'm not the easiest person to coach). He is so willing to give his time to break things apart for you and help you develop the different components of functional movement. I got lucky enough to WOD with the 730 am group (and my girl, Maribel!) and I was so excited when two of the members recognized me as "the Eat.Pray.WOD girl!" talk about made my day :) 

I have been so thankful to each of these boxes for having me over the course of this week and allowing me to work out with them and their athletes! I'm terribly blessed to have had the opportunity to see and enjoy each of them!

If you are ever in the Katy/Houston area and want a great box to go to, let me know or feel free to click on the links above!

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