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If you follow me on Instagram (@_eatpraywod), you know that I competed this past weekend in the Shakedown in the 'Dell hosted by Forged Steele CrossFit.

We had a GREAT time!

This competition also marked the first time there's been a competition SWIM WOD in Louisiana! Holla! And even though I just recently learned to swim, I really wanted to participate.
Red Stick girls: Ace, Sutton, Abby
It was a partner competition and I got really lucky that my friend Colleen set me up with an awesome partner, Madison. Seriously, y'all, this girl's a beast and only 17. I was so blessed to be her partner!

After WOD 1

Our RSCF boys, Patrick and Brandon

WOD 2 box jumps

Abby and Sutton: WOD 2 box jumps

Me and Madison: WOD 2 burpees

Sutton getting her thruster up. 
Sutton getting her max KB swing in two minutes

Abby getting her max KB swings 

The RSCF crew. Brandon, Patrick, Sutton, Abby, and Me!

My incredible parter Madison (on the left) and friend Colleen (on the right)

Nothing makes me feel more badass than having permanent marker numbers on my arm.

Boys after the swim WOD. They beasted it! 1st in the event!

Swangin' that KB. Y'all, this hurt so bad. 1st in the event, though!

All in all, I was really excited just to get out there and participate, but I'm lucky to say that I had a great time and met some really great people. Can't WAIT for the next one. Deep South Shootout, here I come!

[anyone else had any cool competition experiences lately?]

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