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Eat. Pray. No Rep.

I got a chance to judge my first CrossFit competition on Saturday (besides The Open) and it was incredible...in a lot of different ways.

A couple of boxmates and I left Baton Rouge around 5 am to head to Mandeville, Louisiana. I was judging and my boxmates were competing in the Gotcha 6 Summer Partner Throwdown.
This is what 5 am with no make up/halfway zombie looks like.
We made it to Mandeville just fine and then got lost on a Methodist compound. I'm not entirely sure what goes on there, but it was sketchy enough for me to not what to take pictures. We also stopped a lady to ask directions and she seemed like her nerves were pretty shot.

We finally made it and the athletes and judges were briefed about the standards of movement.
Blogger won't let me change the direction of this photo. Not cool, blogger.

Only tough thing? There weren't a ton of judges, so I had very few breaks throughout the day. 

Halfway through the day, tired!
Good thing: I got a chance to judge a lot of terrific athletes. Thankfully, I only had one little scuffle with an athlete who I had to repeatedly no rep during her deadlifts. She wasn't happy and yelled at me. I'm just doing my job, yo! After that, I got lovingly nicknamed "no rep nazi" by my team.
If you're reading this, chick, no hard feelings, 'kay?

The food provided was great and I love my new Gotcha 6 wrist wraps. Thankfully, I didn't spend too much money while I was there since I already have everything ever made from RX for Time. I did buy a hat from Life as RX but at least I kept my checking account from flatlining.
This is the best guy's shirt. One day, I swear I'll find a guy to wear this for me!
All in all, good day for a great cause.

Gotcha 6 was initially created as a non-profit community to serve and equip victims of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The mission of Gotcha 6 is to develop practical resources that combat PTSD and restore lives. Dynamically designed crossfit exercise apparel and gear fund the G6 mission. Every G6 donation empowers the hurting whether through defrayed medical expenses, food, or water wells in Ethiopia. For more information about Gotcha 6, to donate, or to purchase Gotcha 6 merchandise, please visit www.gotcha6.com
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