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"I wasn't really crying. My face was just leaking."

I went back to Texas last week. It was great. I had a little bit of family stuff to do and spent the rest just being. 

Being what? I don't know. A lot of things.

Time to admit it, I'm homesick. Which is weird. Because I've definitely been away from home for…uh…like, 7 years. 

And I pick now to be all, "I love Texas and I wanna go home", 'n' shiz. 

I won't lie, for the past, I'd say 7 months or so, I've just felt like I need to go back home. Something's been drawing me there and being the person I am, I've got to know what that something is. 

So while I was home, I tried to take pictures to photo document what the hell I did all weekend. Here it goes: 

 I don't have any pictures of the first day. I know. I suck. In my defense: I didn't think about this whole picture thing until day two of my trip. Sue me. I decided to take on a project that I hope to post a DIY about soon. So naturally, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some supplies. While I was there, I ran into a lady who recognized me from this blog! Hey Miss Julie! 
 I started on the project, which turned my hands into grimy, black claws of death. But the project was cute!
 I hung out with my BFF, Brittany, at her apartment over in Sugarland. We basically lounged around and watched Nashville and bad (read: awesome) 80's movies. 

 And while on my way home from her house, I decided to stop by the bookstore and pick up some books about muscles and Texas. You know, light reading. Nothing better than a bookstore, I swear. I don't understand how people don't like reading and learning. If it isn't fun, you're not doing it right. That shiz is FUN.
 We met up with some of our friends from high school in Rice Village for drinks and more drinks. 
 We (read: I) drank a bunch and took obnoxious selfies.
After consuming an excessive amount of alcohol, my friend Jay proposed to me on bended knee like a Boyz II Men song. I accepted. Had he had an onion ring, it would have been that much more impressive. (No, we're not actually engaged, see the clearly intoxicated grins up there? But it was pretty fun.)

I probably would have had more photos…if I could have figured out how the frick to use my phone. Seriously, I'm not entirely sure how people drunk text other people. 

I can't even get my shiz together to type in my password and unlock my phone, much less text people questionable things.

My last day I ate lunch with Randi and we had a good 3 hours of just talking about life. 

As I packed up to leave and head back to the boot, my mother was being unacceptable levels of cute, telling me how much she missed me already 'n' shiz. Really, Nancy? As if it wasn't hard enough already to leave. Then, as I'm backing down the driveway, she stands there and watches until I'm out of view just being freakin' adorable. Out of line. 

And, embarrassing moment, I basically cried from my parents' house allllllllll the way through Houston.

No, not like, chest heaving, screaming, awful crying. 
My face was just leaking. My little heart was just-a-aching. 

So now I'm back and getting back into the groove of things. 1 month until school is out and summer begins. 1 more month until a new chapter of this ridiculous life-book I'm writing. EEK!

Have a great Monday, y'all!

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