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Well, this is real life, so...

I got an email saying that I talk a lot about CrossFit and I share my crossfit life, but I only rarely share things about my real life. And that kinda bummed me out. So here we go. Real life shiz.

Things I love:
Night storms
Warm socks
Sweatpants that are just big enough
Walking barefoot
Tank tops
Mailing letters
Silences that aren't awkward
Silences that are awkward
Writing love letters that I wouldn't dare mail
Reading about everything
Watching the history channel
Slow dances
Work boots
Country music
Any music
The smell of books
Long talks with my mama
DIY projects with my daddy
Forehead kisses
Kept promises
The smell of 4 am
Geometric patterns-especially chevron
Neon bar lights
My siblings
My puppies (who aren't puppies anymore)
Hot showers
Crab hunting
Fully dressed beers (but not Miller)
My family
The History Channel

Things I hate:
Obnoxious people
Broken promises
Strawberry ice cream with the seeds
Things that are intended to be funny, but aren't
Overly sensitive people
People who want me to be overly sensitive
Things that just aren't logical
Bad hair days
Finding scorpions in my shoes
Misbehaved children
Misbehaved parents to misbehaved children

Ways you can tell the school year is coming to a close: my hair's been up in a ponytail and/or bun all week. 19 more school days!
{What are some things that you love or just can't stand?}

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