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Meet Axl!

It's pretty well known that I love animals.
So when this guy came into my life, it was love at first sight.

Meet Axl.
He was found on the highway wandering, completely oblivious to traffic.
He was badly matted, so badly even, that the cable that used to be around his neck was matted into his fur. So he got all shaved up. 

And he's deaf.

According to the vet, someone loved this little big guy once. 
I put him in a shirt because I felt like he was too naked. He was all the way over my photoshoot.
So far, Axl likes:
Car rides, napping with me, wagging his tail, being petted all the time, all food and treats, sleeping with a paw on me, and drinking out of the toilet.

Axl dislikes: 
being ignored, the ceiling fan, stink bugs, and strangers. 

We're working on signs for "sit", "come", "crate", and "toilet". I think it's safe to say we're both learning a lot. 
This is how Axl sleeps on me. Who needs blankets?

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