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Happy CrossFit Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor

It's here. It's started
CrossFit Games time, y'all.
Time to find out who's the fittest man and woman on earth this year.

I was pretty blindsided by the pool sprints to bar muscle ups and the half marathon row announcement. 
Thanks, Dave Castro, for reminding me for the second time this year what a sadist you are.

I'm sure you've all got your favorites already, so here are a few of mine: 

Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet
Photo Credit: www.ironkittyrawr.blogspot.com
Y'all, could I have more of a girl crush on her? The answer is: no, I can't. She's funny, strong, has an awesome accent, and a smokin' hot husband (hey, Dave!). Plus, she was the only girl to wear a cute, colorful swimsuit this morning in the pool. I'm really hoping this is Cammie's year. I also hope that I'm just like her when I grow up.

Elisabeth Akinwale
This chick is STRONG. And how can you not love her? Mom of one, I've become obsessed with following her fan page and watching her training videos. I feel like every year she becomes that much better. Plus she's all strong and humble like. And I like that.

Jenn Jones
Photo Credit: www.games.crossfit.com
I'm a new Jenn Jones fan, but let me tell you why. I had the privilege of running scorecards at South Central Regionals this year (you can read about that HERE). My job meant that I had to go to athletes and their judges after they finished these grueling WODs and make sure their cards were filled out and run them back to update scores. And not all the athletes I came into contact with were nice. In fact, some of them were awful. Jenn Jones was one of the nicest, most amiable athletes I got to meet that weekend. Despite being exhausted, she always checked over her scorecard, made sure it was signed and THANKED ME for coming to get it with a smile on her face. Sweetest girl ever. Plus she comes from CrossFit EaDo in Houston and I love Houston. So there.

Lindsey Valenzuela
photo credit: www.games.crossfit.com
I like Lindsey. I want to lift like Lindsey. Know why? Because Lindsey wasn't always a beast. It's well documented that she started out just like the rest of us: a regular person. And became awesome. She's way open about the time when she couldn't do a zillion butterfly pull ups and couldn't clean 200#. And I love that about her. I also think it's hilarious that she tells Sam Briggs to "speak American" in her CrossFit videos. 

THE GUYS It should be noted that my favorite guys have nothing to do with their skill or strength (as they're all skilled and strong) and everything to do with their looks. I'm the female version of a chauvinist. Sue me.

Dan Bailey
Photo credit: The RX Review
I love you. I.LOVE.YOU. I also really hope you knock Rich off his top spot this year. Who doesn't love Dan? He's super nice and one of those down home, bring to your mama, work in the yard with your daddy, guys. Everybody loves a Bailey.

Neal Maddox
photo credit: www.theratape.com
Neal and I have a long and checkered past and an extensive love hate relationship. That he knows nothing about. And even though my fan girl idolization of him has waned, he is undoubtably still one of the best looking men I've ever seen up close. Just kidding. He's THE best looking man I've ever seen up close. And he loves doughnuts. And his mama.

Matt Chan

This guy has the best head on his shoulders. Every time I watch an interview of him, he's always really humble and has a good heart. It helps that he's also wildly attractive with incredible tattoos.

Scott Panchik
See above. Enough said.

At the end of the weekend, I'll pretty much be thrilled if any of my people place. Who are y'all cheering for this week?

May the odds be ever in your favor!

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