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The thing about: A little something extra

I talk about Red Stick CrossFit a lot. And I think I have a lot to brag about.

I am very lucky to belong to a crossfit family that honestly loves each other as individual athletes and as a team. We all have our family roles and personalities and that's what makes us RSCF. 

We had a really unique Open experience this year. Yes, all of us busted our asses to get the best scores we could, but we weren't really doing it for ourselves-if that makes sense. Never once did I hear about anyone WODing hard to be an individual competitor. We all did it for the team. Some of us hit each workout once and said, "shiz. I'm never doing that again". Others did them multiple times, every time, trying to best their previous scores. WHY? Because we wanted RSCF to look good. We were literally WODing for Red Stick. 

In our box, everyone is important. Whether you're the best athlete there or the newest of the newbies. Whether you've been a Red Stick member since you started or you're just dropping in.

You are important because you showed up today.

We will celebrate you and your performance no matter what because you matter to us. You're part of our family now. And we're not going to let you down.

That being said, I am super proud to say that Red Stick CrossFit has accepted an invitation to compete at South Central Regionals. Every person who competed in the Open AND who showed up to support those who were competing did it for Red Stick and we did it! 

And now we're needing help. Of course, Regionals is a big endeavor for a team and we're working hard to raise money to get there. 

If you're in the Baton Rouge area and would like to help out, RSCF is having a donations only car-wash on May 11, 2013 at RSCF on Government St. in Mid-City. Hot girls and guys AND you get your car cleaned? Legit.

But, if you're not in Baton Rouge and you'd like to help our team out, below is a link where you can donate cash. All money donated will go toward food, travel, and lodging expenses for our AWESOME regionals team. Please help out Andrew, Chad, Stephen, Malcolm, Jessica, Allison, Mallory, and Elizabeth!

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