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Super Scaling

I am finally at the point where I can do (most) things on the whiteboard RX'd or "as prescribed".
But I'm not.
Not even close.

I talked before about becoming a Marine and the process to that goal. One of the stipulations is: I've got to lose a lot of weight.
Like, a whole lot.
The military focuses on BMI measurements and while my body fat percentage puts me in a very healthy, "athletic" range, my BMI (only calculated using height and weight) puts me in the Obese II category. Don't get me started about how f*cked up this actually is.

Don't get me wrong, I've still got some fat to lose, but losing weight scared me.
I didn't want to lose weight and lose strength. After all, I've got to be strong to be a Marine.

I added in running to my workouts, but I didn't want to stop CrossFitting. Because I love it.

So I super scale.
I do all body weight movements without scaling (because that's body weight and I've got to be able to lift and move my body weight), but anything that's weighted I scale 20-40 pounds.
Not because I can't lift whatever weight is prescribed, but because I probably can't move it all that fast.
And right now, I need my cardio to be lifting weight faster.

So has it been working?
Yes. The scale has been decreasing little by little. It hasn't been as fast as the first 17 pounds I lost earlier this year, but every .2 pounds down is a win.

Have I been getting weaker?
No. Actually, I've been getting stronger. I've been setting PRs fairly regularly in both body weight movements and with barbell movements. I think a lot of the body weight movement PRs (like handstand pushups) are a result of me losing weight; it's a lot easier to push up when you have less weight to move!

What's the plan now?
Keep doing what I'm doing. I'm adding in sprints 3 times a week specificially because I'm bad at them and I hate them. So I should probably do them more often. I have this idea that working on sprints will also help my long distance running...because science.
Last weekend at the CrossFit Armada Beginner's competition with my new friend Andi from Andi's Gran. if you're interested in trying PALEO granola, she makes the best. Seriously. I had the bacon one. I am in love. My mama should be headed to the site any day now to buy the BIG BAG!

I've been working really hard to eat clean, drink more water, and be consistent in my workouts. Do y'all have any other suggestions to help me cut weight? Shoot me a comment!

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