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5 on Friday: National News

Friday! Again!

Today I really want to focus on national news because there is literally SO MUCH going on!

5. Sochi Olympics has started
I LOVE THE OLYMPICS. Most specifically, I love ice skating and gymnastics. But I'll watch all sports and marvel at people doing things that I could never do in my entire life. It is awesome.

Unfortunately, no one told Sochi they were hosting the Olympics, so they started preparing for it like, last week. Which accounts for why the accomodations are pretty awful, there are multiple toilets in one room (what?) and if you're really lucky, you've got stray dogs and cats hanging out by your bedside because apparently Sochi has an animal control problem.

Why poo alone when you can poo with a friend?
If you want to see more photographic evidence of the most poorly planned olympics of all time, please visit this link.

4. The Biggest Loser Finale
I won't even lie, I do not watch this show. I never have. Mama Nancy does, but it's always just seemed odd to me.  
source: www.nbc.com
Rachel was chosen as the winner, losing almost 60% of her body fat. WHOA! I was shocked at her transformation...almost as shocked as I was about the skinny-shaming backlash she got for losing all that weight.

I mean, honestly, America? You put a bunch of people who are overweight on a televised game show where the goal is to lose the most weight and then you're surprised when they do? Come on. Trolling this girl and saying nasty things about her does not change the fact that she lost weight (which she wanted to do, yay her) and she's now 250K richer and the dress she's wearing probably cost more than my life.

Also, in case you were wondering, your opinion about this girl--and anyone else--just doesn't matter.

3. Philip Seymour Hoffman

Oh, Philip. I loved your movies. I loved the way you assumed a character and made it come alive. I am so sad that your life was cut short because of drug use. I am more sad that your life didn't have to end.

Don't do drugs, y'all. Illegal, prescription, whatever. That shit isn't good for you. We don't need lives cut short becuase of them. 

2. Little girl experiencing rain for the first time
First: watch this link.

Second: Don't even try to tell me that that kid doesn't restore your faith in everything good and holy in life. She is ADORABLE. I fully expect for her to grow up and be a spectacular human.

1. Nightmare Bear
Bringing things full circle and back to the Olympics, did anyone see the opening ceremonies last night?

As if we needed further proof that Sochi wasn't ready, this happened.
But the most unnerving (and frightening) part of the opening ceremony was the Sochi Games Bear Mascot.

Sure, animated they're super cute. Who doesn't love a bear, a bunny, and a tiger/puma/cheetah hybrid?
But in real life...
Seriously?! WTF is that? I'll tell you what it isn't. It isn't something I want chasing me around my dreams. UGH.

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