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Need workout tights? Good thing Real XtremeRX is giving a pair away!

I am really particular about what I wear when I work out.
Just kidding. I like to wear what-the-f*ck-ever as long as it doesn't ride up, roll down, and doesn't make me chafe.

That being said: I have never, ever, ever found a pair of workout tights that I like. I had ONE pair that were gifted to me once back in 2009. I had to pull them up or down every 2.20183 seconds. 

Needless to say, I never wore them again. I also never even attempted to buy workout tights.

So imagine my surprise when my friends over at Real XtremeRX let me know that they had created some incredible workout tights and they wanted me to try them out. I was hesitant at first...but after my awesome experience with their shorts, I decided to give it a go. 

And I'm so glad I did.

PS: did I really take a photo with no shirt on like that? I did! Progress!

I put these tights through EVERYTHING. I ran multiple 5Ks in them, washed them a ton, and put them through many a brutal WOD. And I didn't have to adjust them at all. In addition to that, they're pre shrunk so they won't shrink in the dryer, they aren't see through--even when you do a whole lot of thrusters, they're anti-pilling-so the fabric won't ball up in high friction areas, AND they're anti microbial. 

Holy shiz. Can they be better? Probably not. Real XtremeRX literally took 6 months of planning, programming, and testing and thought of EVERYTHING. 

I'm waiting on my next paycheck so I can buy 7 more pairs of these babies. 

Lucky for all of you: Jason and Adam have agreed to let me give away a pair of these awesome capri tights! Make sure you enter yourself (or your super hot girlfriend) to win a pair. And share with your friends so they can enter to win, too!
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