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GIVEAWAY: Real XtremeRX Shorts!

So a lot of people have asked me what I WOD in and I'll be honest, I try to WOD in the minimal amount of clothing possible. I get hot quickly and I hate having to strip my clothes down. (that's what she said).
And thennnnn these shorts found me. Jason over at Real XtremeRX suggested I try them and I love them.  

I've worn a ton of shorts over the course of my time with CrossFit and these are always the problems I've found:
-Waistband is too thin and rolls over.
-The fabric holds my sweat and sticks.
-The shorts rub and ride up my inner thighs.
-The liners are too big and sag. Like a diaper. Ew.
-I have always wanted crossfit shorts like the boys' shorts, but they never make them for girls!

Thankfully, Real XtremeRX is run by Jason and Adam, two guys who actually do CrossFit and are interested in making sure that they make their product to fit the needs of CrossFit athletes.  They've done a TON of product research and development and they LISTEN to what crossfitters want!

So they made these SWEET RX shorts. 
They're made with FLEX-SIL fabric that makes sure that your sweat doesn't stick to you. The girls shorts also have a split that gives you room to move, but doesn't let your a** fall out, which is good. They have a wide, breathable waistband that doesn't flip over, get stuck or get sweaty. And last, but certainly not least, they have a built in liner that actually fits and doesn't sag like I've got a pamper on. 

I officially am in love.

And because I love them so much, they're letting me giveaway SIX pairs of their sweet RX shorts! Enter below for 14 chances to WIN a FREE pair of RX shorts! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And, because Jason and Adam are the best, they've given my Eat.Pray.WOD readers a code for FREE SHIPPING! Click on the button below to visit their website!

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