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Pretty dress, good food, booze, sweet dance moves. I'm in!

How is even possible that this week is going by so fast?! More than that, how is it possible that this entire MONTH is going by so fast?

First, who made it through the first week of grad school?
THIS GIRL! And I'm still alive and (mostly) in one piece!
Is this month real life? It is. But I'm making it through. One day at a time.
Second, I've been busting my ass in the gym. I was fairly disappointed in my return after a two month semi-hiatus and I decided it was time to take it up a notch (or ten). Since regionals, I've been working on strategy. Making sure that I pace myself (at a high pace) and try not to die too early (notice, I said too early, I always want to empty the tank).
Also, I got my shirt in the mail for my good friend, Randa's, benefit!
Have you gotten one, yet? If you haven't, you should!
 If you haven't read about Randa's story please visit the blog post HERE.

If you can't be a part of Randa's benefit at Texas Borders, please click on the link below to donate or buy a shirt! Please also remember that any little bit matters and counts in this fight against cancer. Help us make Randa's cancer, history.


Lastly, we're in the homestretch for my favorite couple to get married! 
Whitney and April. So freakin' cute.
I am so honored to be able to stand next to these two as they commit themselves to each other. I will also be really honored bust out my sweet dance moves, shake my tail feather, and drop it like it's hot at the reception. EEK! 

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