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Paleo Challenge UPDATE!

So many of you know that I was participating in our box Paleo challenge this past month and it suuuuuuuucked (at least for the first two weeks) and then it wasn't so bad. 

In fact, I kind of really liked it at the end. 
Then, I had to get my body fat measurements done Friday.

If you know anything about body fat measurements, you know that you have to weigh yourself. 
And I only lost a pound. 

So I was pretty much bummed out of my mind. I was thinking, "I did all that hard work just to lose a pound. I suck."

Except that, I only lost a pound…but my body fat decreased…by 3%!

Not only is that great news, but it's proof (to me) that the scale is pretty much a lie. 

And because I like strict Paleo so much (and I'm a sucker for a challenge) I've decided to continue this challenge on my own for the next 30 days. 

SO! Continuing the challenge and seeing how far I can take it! 30 more days! HOLLA!

This isn't today. It's actually last Friday (which was my first day free of the Paleo challege) and yes, I did wear an Again Faster shirt to work. Don't judge.)
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