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Let me tell you about my friend, the Drifta Lifta

Starting strength training in Baton Rouge was a lucky break for me. I didn't know it when I started, but just being in Baton Rouge and at Red Stick CrossFit put me in touch with a lot of pretty great athletes that I might never have known otherwise.

One of those athletes is Matt Vincent, also known as the Drifta Lifta.
So who the hell is Matt, right? Like, who is this guy and why does he get a nickname like "Drifta Lifta"?

This is Matt.
Photography by www.mikebuckphotography.com. Go check out his shit. Tell him I sent you.
He's a two time Highland Games champion. Which means he gets to throw really heavy shit like, all the time. Like it's his job. Because, well, it is.
Photo by www.scottishheavyphotographs.com
Matt likes to throw heavy stuff around and to do that, he has to be strong. Like, really strong. He has a love for lifting, eating, beer, and being efficient. So naturally, to tie all these things together, he started drifting. His home is in Baton Rouge (with his adorable wife), but he travels all around the world (!!!!) training with some crazy incredible people and then he documents it to share it with all of us.

What does all this mean?
He goes around and meets the best people possible to learn from them and become the best strength athlete possible. He's getting lighter, stronger, and more efficient everyday.
In fact, he can show you better than I can tell you so take a second to check out the Drifta Lifta's teaser trailer below:

Think that's cool? Visit www.driftalifta.com and check out the "just the tip" sections for tips on how to be a better, more explosive, more mobile athlete. To quote Matt, "I learn everything you can so that I can be better and less of a piece of shit."

Go watch! And hang out. And follow him on facebook HERE. And then go follow him on Instagram HERE.


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