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Catching Up. Quickly.

I've been MIA! I'm sorry. This week has been stressful, but I'm gonna catch up quickly and then get back on track tomorrow.

I got food poisoning this week.
Let's just say that I ate a $6 "gourmet" hot dog and it repaid me by making me projectile puke any and everything I put in my body for 3 days. Which resulted in me not eating for 3 days. Gross.

Moral of the story: never order a hot dog that costs more than $1.50. It's not worth sleeping in your tub. Also, in the event that you ever do have to sleep in your bathroom, a bathmat is a completely respectable blanket.

I have begun my LAST SEMESTER OF GRADUATE WORK EVER. Hallelujah. I'm almost done. The count is 61 days until Texas and I am beyond thrilled. I am TA-ing two classes over the summer meaning I have over 180 students which also means a lot of essays to grade. But I'm not letting it overshadow the fact that this is my LAST SEMESTER OF GRADUATE WORK EVER.

Words cannot express how liberating it was to submit my graduation paperwork to the graduate school office this week.

Holy crap. Is this real life?

I have a secret.
It's a big secret.
It's going to stay a secret for awhile longer, BUT, just know that some big things are coming together really quickly. It's very exciting and I'm busting at the seams to share it.

What's new with y'all?

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