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"But...why aren't you married?"

I'm 26 going on 74.
If you asked me what I consider an "ideal evening", it'd probably involve a lot of reading and coffee. Not a lot of talking. Maybe snuggling with my dog.
I don't really like too much to get out of my sweatpants and I get especially aggravated being in clubs or bars.
I don't meet a whole lot of new people unless they're new friends with my already people.

I'm at the point in my life where most of my friends are married, engaged, and having babies (by choice!).
It's weird.

I am not at any of those impasses.
I come and go as I please.
I rarely care if I shaved my legs or not.
The most important guy in my life has four legs and a bad haircut that may or may not have been given to him by me.

This was after he stopped being pissed at me for his crappy haircut.

And being 26, a lot of people ask me, "well, when are you gonna get married?"
--uh, I don't even have a boyfriend.
Which is usually followed up with, "well don't you WANT to get married?"
--I don't know.

Which is then followed up with, "what do you MEAN you don't know?"

What I mean is: I don't know. Maybe I do, maybe I don't. Right now, I've got plans and goals on my plate. I've got shit to do, for lack of a better term or better language. And it would be awesome to share that with someone...but if I was on my own, it would be equally awesome.

I come up with a million new things to do everyday.
A billion new ideas.
Hell, I change my career path at least 4 times a day.
Seriously. Ask Billie Jo.

I feel like a lot of people keep telling me to "just wait" and I'll "find someone who completes me".
But I don't feel like I need to be completed. I'm not not whole. I'm not deficient.
And I don't want to find someone who is my supplement because supplementation implies deficiency.
If I'm going to find someone, I want them to complement me. And I want to complement them.

And if that happens, f*ck yeah.
And if it doesn't, f*ck yeah.

So, maybe one day I'll get married.
Or not.
Either way, I'm bound for a hell of a ride.

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