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In defense of CrossFit

I wasn't going to write this post today.
It wasn't the plan.
It isn't what I had written in my handy-dandy planner.

But it needs to be said (as it so often does).

A brand-spankin' new article is floating around this interwebs attacking CrossFit yet again.
In it, the author notes that due to her extensive knowledge of all things strength and conditioning and her experience as an athlete, CrossFit is a bunch of crap and we're all going to inevitably maim ourselves from participating.
We are all destined to become perilously injured from CrossFit.
We all have terrible form.
None of us have even the slightest idea about how tragic our lives will ultimately become due to the act of placing our muscles under constant stress and exertion.

We are all going to die. Obviously.

I was preparing this really long, really well researched rebuttal to this article which told me that I'm pretty much killing myself-and my body-by doing CrossFit.
But I'm not going to post it.

I'm not going to defend CrossFit because it doesn't need my defense.

I'm sorry, author lady, that you had a bad experience in a box where maybe the coaches weren't the best, but that can (and does) happen everywhere in every sport.

But I don't need to prove to you that CrossFit is good for people because the people who do it, prove it.
I am no longer 190 pounds.
I can run a mile in 8 minutes.
I can do boy push ups.
I can do pull ups.
I can deadlift.
I am happy.
I am healthy.
I am not injured.
I am not broken.
And I'm not the only one.

I don't need to post a defense of CrossFit or a rebuttal to some of her outlandish claims and blanket statements because I am a walking testament to CrossFit and its methodologies.
Photo Credit: CrossFit. Athlete pictured: Meg Cannon

I don't mind if you don't do CrossFit and I'm not sorry that I do.

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