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Life, lately

It's crunch time. There are exactly two weeks left of school and Murphy's Law is in full effect: everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Thankfully, I've been busting my ass and keeping my head above water (kind of) with these upcoming finals. 

Things that have been on my mind:

Festivus Games
I mentioned this on the Facebook page but I got the chance to participate in the Festivus Games about two weekends ago at CrossFit SouthBank in Alexandria, LA. It was tough stuff but I lucked up and got a new clean PR (140#!) and at the end of 4 workouts, I was in the top 5 girls. The last workout consisted of back squats, deadlifts and thrusters (I hate thrusters), and I finished 2nd...but I finished 1st overall! Thankful to have had a great support system in my boxmates and coaches. We all had an awesome time and CF SouthBank was so awesome. 

I can't believe the end of the semester is already here! Things are moving very quickly and this semester has been rough. Looking forward to just one more semester and then I'll be finished...WITH MY MASTERS. Ridiculous.
He is all the way over studying.

I'm down to 106 days before I am back in Texas for good (not that anyone's counting). My mama sends me texts every single morning reminding me that I'm almost back to the Lone Star State. Love that lady.
photo and artwork by: b-krafty

Missing you guys
I hate having things to say and feeling like I have no time to say them. It has been rough for the past week (to say the least) to even find time to sleep and eat. And I always feel even worse when I don't have time to blog. *Hopefully* my getting ahead of these finals will let me carve out time for blogging everyday.

Job search
I am searching for jobs in physical rehab in the Houston area. Of course, I am continuing to train with hopes of being selected for Marine Officer Candidate School, but I have to be realistic and actually search for a job for graduation. Unfortunately, I haven't found anything/haven't heard anything just yet. Any suggestions?

That's all I've got...for now.
Until tomorrow!

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