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Standard of Movement

In CrossFit, we concern ourselves with the "standard of movement".
We want to make sure our squats are to depth.
We watch for the proper hip extension at the top of the box.
Shoulders behind the bar at the top of a deadlift.
Locked out arms.
We look for virtuosity: doing the common uncommonly well. 
In Crossfit--and in life--there will always be the people who follow standards and people who don't. 
Maybe the people who don't follow them don't know about them. Maybe they don't know they aren't meeting them. Maybe they don't care: the score they post is more important than the integrity of their movement. 

There's something about a running clock, a barbell, and a whiteboard that exposes who people really are. 
Standard of movement will show you what people value and don't value.
Or maybe none of those things.
What does your standard of movement say about you?
**All the beautiful photos are courtesy of Mike Buck Photography except for the one of me. I took that one on my crappy iPhone.

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