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My mom thinks I'm weird and other things on Friday


Another week come and gone! And the end of this week means the end of the CrossFit Open season (post about that to come on Monday).

So Mama Nancy thinks I'm weird. Through this blog, I've "met" a ton of people that I legit feel like I'm friends with in real life. We talk, email, text, facebook, and tweet each other like, all the time. I talk about them to other people like they're real people (because they are, duh) but also like I've met them.

Mama Nancy: "so, you don't think it's weird-at all-that you've never met these people but you talk to them all the time?"
Me: "No."
Mama Nancy: "Like, at all."
Me: "Nope."
Mama Nancy: "I really worry about you sometimes. It's like you have imaginary friends-at 26."
Me: "Except they're real people, mom. I'm not making them up."
Mama Nancy: "Sure they are."

This is not weird, right? RIGHT?
(whatever, if you think it's weird, just keep it to yourself. I like my friends)

On Tuesday, I was walking on campus and ran into a group of "Christians" in Free Speech Alley who were screaming at students, calling them "sinners" and telling them that they were "destined for hell because they are impure and have not repented." They picked me out as I passed and told me that I am a "harlot" (ouch), and "an abomination to God and a slap in the face of Jesus."
First, not very Christian like, "Christians".
Second, no one is perfect. Even if we try to live our lives in the most perfect of ways.
Third, I could have sworn one of the main lessons in the bible was "judge not lest ye be judged", or are we not reading the same bible?

I smiled at that man and said, "bless your heart, I'm going to pray for you." And that really pissed him off. He told me that God doesn't hear my prayers because I'm a sinner. I said, "God hears everything."

Lastly, he told me that I can't be a follower of God because I believe in evolution and God followers can't believe that dogs came from birds.
Um, right. Dogs can't come from birds because...science?

The whole exchange just made me really sad. I know I usually don't get into specific religious stuff in here, but I just can't believe that God hates anyone. Or that any regular has the right to pass judgement on others.
My faith taught me better than that.

This week has been eventful to say the least.
I'm exhausted. 

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