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Athlete Profile: Billie Jo L.

Today I'm introducing you to the one and only Billie Jo Louden, resident mama in charge of the Louden household and author of The Louden Family. She's been with me since I started EatPrayWOD and she's so motivated and inspiring. She ALWAYS comments and sends me emails (she may or may not be one of those blogger/internet friends that my mama thinks is imaginary). Without further ado...
how cute is she!?
Name: Billie Jo Louden (I'm really jealous that she gets two first names)
Favorite Nicknames: BJ, Beeg
Hometown: Florence, Kentucky
Age: 33
Mom of 3
Occupation: Legal Secretary…currently following a dream of becoming a police officer! (Y’all, how cool is that?!)

Overhead Squat: 85#
Strict Press: 95#
Bench Press: 95# (this is my least favorite)
Push Press:  115#
Clean: 115#
Split Jerk: 135#
Back Squat: 165#
Deadlift: 205#

Favorite WOD:
My favorite WOD would have to be when there is lifting in it (except thrusters). A workout with 21-15-9 cleans and something else suits me perfectly.

Least Favorite WOD:
Don’t really have a least favorite WOD (except when it involves thrusters or burpees-ha ha). Each workout is made to suck and at the time I hate it, but afterwards I get a high from it. 

Describe your sports and fitness background:
I grew up in a sportsy (yes, I know this isn’t a word) family. My dad was a football coach and eventually my brothers followed in his footsteps. I wanted to be a football player so badly, but my dad said it would look like he was playing favorites if he played me even though I was faster than the team and had more knowledge. I ended up played softball, basketball and was a cheerleader. Soccer wasn’t allowed either. Dad said it was too dangerous.  After high school, I continued to be active by playing on a coed softball team. Eventually, I had babies and the gym was required to stay in shape until I became a pole instructor for a short period of time. Pole dancing was very fun and really is a whole body workout. After that I became a cheer coach for 35 girls ages 4-9!

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit:
I first heard about CrossFit from one of my brothers. He literally talked about it non-stop. (First rule –never stop talking about CrossFit). Eventually he talked my husband into it. My husband went for about 8 months and finally convinced me to try it out. I was scared to death but walked out of there ready to dive head first into it. I drank the Crossfit Kool-Aid in just an hour.
What was your first WOD like:
My first workout was ab-mat sit ups, kettle bell swings and box jumps. The next day, it hurt to sneeze and hurt like hell to put my hands up to my mouth to prevent the sneeze from going everywhere. At that point, I was hooked!!! Yes, I know I am deranged.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body since starting CrossFit (before and after):
Actually my mind has changed more than anything. Before Crossfit, workouts and going to the gym were not priorities. It was really easy to talk myself out of going because, “I could always make it up tomorrow” right? After Crossfit, I feel like if I don’t make it I am not only letting myself down but my coach and also my boxmates who show up every day and encourage me as I do them.   

Before Crossfit, I had been the same weight since 2009, which was 4 months after giving birth to my 3rd child. I am still the same weight but not as fluffy. I am working to get my abs back. My two c-sections (vertical incisions) have made it more challenging. I will get there and I see major changes thus far.

What sort of changes in your life have you experienced out of taking on something like Crossfit? Expected or unexpected:

I would say I have experienced more confidence. At my old gym, I would never have ventured to the weight section with all the muscle heads. I know now I would not have one single reservation about going to that section and that I could probably out lift the majority that think I’m just a girl and have no business being there.

I have also experienced people who bash Crossfit. Opinions are like @$$holes…we all have one. Respect mine like I respect yours.

What's your favorite lift and why?
Split Jerk is my go to lift. Not sure why…just like them. Maybe because I am good at them. I feel like I get more of an explosive advantage from my body. Just feels good when I do them.

Funniest experience related to CrossFit?
While doing our 12 Days of Christmas WOD my husband had someone take this picture…I look like death because I absolutely hate the row machine (because I am short) and if was even better that he was up next and looked like that too…all smiles until it’s your turn biotch!!!



Name one goal you have achieved since starting CrossFit and one goal you want to achieve:

I have achieved so much in my 11 months with Crossfit. I really strive on all my lifts to hit my actually body weight. I remember when I hit my Split Jerk at 135 (10# over my actually body weight). I felt like I was on top of the world.

Honorable mention achievements:
Unassisted pull ups
1 Pistol

Any advice for people just getting started with CrossFit?
I have a lot of advice but what I can think of off-hand is the following:

*Just try it before you say you can’t.
*Never, ever, give up.
*It’s only you against you…(Unless you are in the games. That is different J)
*Who cares if you finished last, you finished!!!
*Get a book and write everything down. You will NOT remember everything you did. And it’s a great progress tool

What do you tell yourself to keep motivated?

Honestly, I know I can do the things that are put before me so I just tell myself to keep moving. If there is a movement I haven’t mastered I try to focus on the ones I have. No one ever won the fight by giving up and quitting. If I have to break something up in order to finish it…so be it. Just keep going!  I also keep in mind my daughter and hope I am showing her what a real woman should look like. Fit,not skinny, and one with a work ethic. 

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