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10 things that blogging taught me

I started this blog just under a year and a half ago so that I could have a way to tell my whole "I was fat and then I wasn't" story.

I never expected that people would actually read this thing. But then they did. And it was awesome. Suddenly, people from all over were connecting with my story and telling me theirs.

People found out about my blog. And once they found out, it usually turned into a conversation about how they should totally have a blog of their own.
And usually, I agree. But there are some things that I like to share about what I learned through blogging.

10. Writer's block happens
When I first started writing, I literally wrote all the time. I had so much to say! I wanted to share all the words! And then one day, I had no more words. Ideas? Yes. Words to express them? No. I panicked. What if I couldn't write anymore? What if I didn't have anything else to say!? WOULD THE WORLD END!? (spoiler: it totally didn't)

9. Sponsorships don't happen overnight
I am so thrilled to have the sponsors that I have, but they didn't happen overnight. Some of them came to me, some of them I had to hound for sponsorships I had to work to get. I am incredibly lucky and blessed to have some awesome people that want to be a part of this blogging endeavor, but it definitely wasn't easy and it doesn't happen by accident. (shameless plug: but, uh, if you wanna be a sponsor...please feel free to check out the sponsor tab up there or email me at eatpraywod@gmail.com for my blog media kit. Help me help you!)

8. Sometimes, people's feelings get hurt
I am rarely an intentionally hurtful person, but when you're sharing pieces of a ton of your real life, you're going to talk about real people. And sometimes the things you end up saying aren't the most flattering. And sometimes people's feelings get hurt. And then you have to learn to apologize. Unless you don't. 

7. Sometimes, people say nasty things
I never realized how empowered sitting behind a computer screen makes people feel. Like they can just say nasty things to people just because internet. I occasionally get a good hate mail message (although it's almost always poorly punctuated) and/or a nasty comment. And because I'm polite, I always reply with a very cheery, "bless your heart! That's at least 30 minutes you took writing me an email that you'll never get back!"

6. But most of the time, people will make your day
Nasty stuff people say is overshadowed 1084739303934 times by the awesome stuff people say. I love getting emails/messages from people who can relate to what I'm saying, doing, or struggling with. It's the most incredible, overwhelmingly wonderful experience.

5. Never underestimate the power of stats
THE STATS TAB. Don't ever go there, Simba. It will take over your life. Seriously. The first 3 months I had my blog, I had no idea what the hell the stats tab was...and then I got curious. And suddenly, I could keep track--in real time!--of how many people were viewing my blog from where in the world on what operating system. AND NOW I CHECK IT ALL THE TIME. I become absurdly happy when I see that the day's views have hit above the week's average views. It's an obsession and a problem. Don't be judgmental. 

I have blogs that I visit and comment on. I talk to other bloggers that I've never met that I haven't met yet on social media. It's good. It helps you get to know other people who understand what you're doing and can help you if you need it (which you will, the first time Blogger decides to f*ck up your spacing margins and you have to edit HTML code. Stupid Google).

3. My mother is more famous than I am
Mama Nancy is my best friend and she is far more famous than I. Seriously. People come up to me to talk about my blog or whatever and inevitably the conversation turns to, "I really wish I could meet your mom. She sounds awesome." Well thanks, yo. She is awesome. Hilarious and tough as nails. I need to start a "shit my mom says" just to keep up with everything quotable. She's also "famous on The FaceBook" which makes her more relevant than Kim Kardashian. True story.

2. You must take pictures...of absolutely everything
Because if you didn't take a picture, post it to instagram, share it with facebook, twitter, google+ and then reference it in your blog post, it didn't happen, right?

1. Blogging takes work. A lot of it.
Blogging is the most fun job I've ever had. It's fulfilling. It's interesting. It's something different everyday completely depending on me. But it is a responsibility, especially when you have people (sponsors) who are depending on you to help them put their name out there. I'd say between writing original content, handling the facebook page, managing emails and sponsorships, and preparing for future content, I probably put in about 35-40 hours a week on Eat.Pray.WOD. And if I could make it my 100% full time job, I WOULD.

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