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Why We Work

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, Taylor and Bonnie have decided to host a link up called "Why We Work" discussing why we work out with our significant others.

So here's all the mushy stuff about why we work.

Axl hasn't been around too long, but he's definitely the man of our house.
He's always excited to see me when I get home and never complains that he eats the same thing every night.

His favorite thing is sleeping on the couch and he always cuddles me when I'm sick, which feels like always.

He protects me from robbers and bad guys and I pick up his poop.

He lets me take photos of him (grudgingly) and is the reason for the nose and paw prints on all of my windows.

He loves me even when I'm mad at him for knocking over the whole trashcan and when I force him to bathe.

Pretty much why we work. Obvs.
Love of my life.

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