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Running for people that hate running

I am coming off a week of no running.
My shin splints had gotten so incredibly bad that I couldn't even walk without picking up my entire leg to try and avoid pain.
The prescription: rest. Ice. Aleve. Stretching.

But in that week, I realized something: I kind of missed running.
It's weird. But...

A month and a half ago, I HATED running. 
The idea of running a mile made me physically ill. 
I am actually kind of excited to run 3 FREAKIN' MILES sometime at the end of the/beginning of next week. 

The things that make me (kind of) like running:

5. When random people cheer me on/honk at me. Seriously. It's the BEST feeling for someone to roll their window down and yell "AHHHH! You go, girl!"

4. Playing games with mind. Every time I run more than 3 steps, I think I'm pretty much going to die. So I have to talk myself into actually doing it. I say things like, "okay, you're gonna run to that black mailbox." Get to the black mailbox, "okay, you're gonna run to the stop sign." 

3. Eating after running. It's the only other thing I can  think about while I'm running. 

2. More eating. I told you, its the only thing I think about while I'm running. About how I'm going to eat ALL THE FOODS when I finish.

1. PRs. Its pretty cool that I can see myself improve pretty often. Although they've slowed down now that I'm getting a little used to running, it's still really cool to shave minutes a few seconds off my time each time. 

So here's (hoping!!) to get back on the pavement sooner rather than later.

Do you love running? Hate it? Tolerate it? Why?

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