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"Paleo is Dangerous" and other stupid shit people say

I'm keeping it short today.

That title is misleading. I'm only going to focus on the "Paleo is Dangerous" comment.

So I'm cruisin' along on Facebook, creepin' on  my friends and I run across one who puts up this status:
"Yo health nuts, I need a diet that's gonna help me lose weight fo' real" (okay, that was an exaggeration. I actually can't remember exactly what it said but it was something like that.)

And I check the comments. And a lot of people are like, "aye, dude. Paleo. Fo' shiz." (also an exaggeration--apparently, in my head, all my friends are cast members on Jersey Shore)

And I'm all pro-Paleo so I'm all excited.

And then I see it. 
A comment from some random girl I don't know.

"Don't eat Paleo. I heard it's dangerous."


DANGEROUS? Of all the adjectives in all the world to describe the Paleo way of eating, you chose DANGEROUS?

That's a dangerous word choice, my friend girl I don't know.

I could certainly understand if you said, "hey, I tried strict Paleo and it didn't work out for me." 
It doesn't work out for everyone.

I could understand if you said, "eh, I like bread too much for Paleo."
It's an excuse, but I'll take it.

I could see if if you said "the ice cream and fried chicken works for me!"
I mean, hey, far be it from me to take away from your collected data based on your own research (even though I feel like I'm gonna need to see that data, mainly so I can figure out how I can make this diet work for me).

Yes, girl I don't know, I know you've never actually tried this, but I could certainly see where limiting the amount of processed foods you put in your body for foods that are fresh and unprocessed could CERTAINLY be bad for your health. 
Just the idea of eating an actual breast of chicken in lieu of a spongy chicken McNugget strikes fear in my heart. What if I have too much protein...AND DIE?
And let's not even talk about trading sodas for water. You might drown yourself! 

Guys. Stop the madness. 
Try it out. Paleo may not be for you. Or maybe it is. Or maybe 80/20 Paleo is for you. Or maybe Zone. Or primal. Or Ice cream and fried chicken. Or what the hell ever. I don't know your life!

But know that there is nothing dangerous about cutting crap food out of your diet and filling your diet with good, fresh food. 
Because the best medicine and health comes from the foods we eat. 
Eat well, live well.

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