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We all have idols.
We all have people that we look up to in different arenas in our lives.

I don't mean in the way I look up to Camille.
Girl does Fran in 2:04 AND manages to have perfect hair. WHATTHEWHAT?
I mean in the way I look up to other girls at my box. Girls that I see and admire everyday.
The girls that I know in real life.
And these aren't even half of the ladies I look up to.
I wish that I could do pull-ups like Katie,
Deadlift like Lauren,
Row like Mallory,
Handstand walk like Liz,
Squat like Kerry,
Clean like Colleen,
Lift like Abby,
Be self-motivated like Allison,
Swim like Sutton,
And so many other things like so many other people. 

But wishes aren't enough.
Those girls worked hard to do the things they can do. 
So I have to work hard, too.
I have to push out each rep EVERY SINGLE TIME and put in the time to get on their level. 
I have to meet standard of movement every time.
I can't be scared of dropping under weight.
I can't be scared of failing.
Because I might not be able to do it today.
But that doesn't mean I can't do it tomorrow. 

Because I walk around with my idols everyday because, to quote my friend Abby today, I "surround myself with people who are going to motivate me and push me to be better."

Have idols.
Look up to people.
Be better. Than you. 

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