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5 on Friday: Shoes, 14.1, and why I hate Dave Castro

Another week, another 5 on Friday.

5. 14 point freakin' 1
Double unders and snatches. UGH. I should point out that before yesterday, I had never been able to string together more than 1 double unders at a time. EVER. Usually during WODs, I get really frustrated and say "eff it" and start doing singles.
Yesterday, I didn't really have that option. 

Sorry for the quality. More soon, hopefully!
So doubles it was and I made it through 169 reps. Holy crap.
I actually made it through 15 double unders in a row. Double holy crap.
Guess I can no longer rely on the "I can't do this" excuse!

After 14.1 with my favorite CrossFit Kiddos.

4. I hate Dave.
I do. I love to hate him, but I hate him. Not because the workouts he introduces are awful (they are) but it's because he announces them with such sick satisfaction. This smile that's like, "yes, I'm about to make the entire crossfit world suffer." You ain't right Dave.

Dave, you can't sit with us.

3. Mardi Gras Season
In case you don't live in Louisiana, you're missing out on the best season of all right now: Mardi Gras season. Starting with Zulu ball tonight (I'll post my fancy-schmancy photos later or you can stalk me on Instagram @_eatpraywod) I'll have 5 full days to enjoy before actual Mardi Gras. I plan on eating all the king cakes, drinking all the beers, and catching all the beads. Be so jealous.

2. Mama Nancy
I've been driving this lady nuts, I think. I'm just completely out of control. I run her up the walls. I refuse to do what I'm told (like go to the doctor and rest) and I'm generally a pain in the ass. But she loves me. Too much. And she always believes in all of my abilities. Even when I don't.
Oh, right. I need to breathe to compete. Duh.
This lady has indominable faith.

1. Juil Sandals
So I have these sandals that I've been waiting to wear FOREVER but haven't been able to because of this obnoxious weather we've been having.

These sandals are designed with a focus on "grouding" the wearer and the copper dots act as a conduit between the earth and your body to give a sense of calm and peace. 

My favorite thing about these sandals? They're adorable. I've never gotten so many compliments on a pair of flip flops before. One lady literally demanded that I put the Juil website in her phone immediately so she could purchase a pair. 
Second favorite thing? The padded sole AND arch support. I wore these babies all day long at work and my feet didn't hurt. I also have issues with my feet rolling in and my arch collapsing when I wear flat shoes. The arch support helped me to keep my ankles straight and keep my arch up. No foot pain! 
If you're interested in these awesome sandals which were featured in a recent Huffington Post article 6 Awesome Yoga Products You Didn't Know Existed, you can find them at www.juil.com, where they've also got an awesome variety of flats, too! 

**I was partially compensated in the form of goods for this review. All opinions are my own. 

What did you think of 14.1? Do you still like Dave? What are you doing for Mardi Gras?   

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