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That time I almost died

So Saturday was arguably the worst day of my life thusfar.
At the risk of sharing too much information, I woke up throwing up at 7 am.

My immediate thought was food poisoning and I hoped it would pass by the time I had to go to work at 10 am.

It didn't. I kept throwing up. A lot.

I spent the rest of the day throwing up approximately twice an hour for the rest of the day and becoming really well acquainted with my bathroom floor until I landed myself in Urgent Care at Our Lady of the Lake where they shot me up full of drugs and made me wait for them to seep in.

Thankfully, I was seen by a great staff of nurses and doctors that prescribed me some awesome get-well-soon drugs.

I was back to running this morning and it wasn't my best run, but it was running. I ran the whole 5K and didn't stop. Slow, but moving! AND I didn't throw up. Which was AWESOME.
Day One of Paleo Challenge: almost conquered! I'm not really having cravings at all today but that could be because I'm still kind of afraid of food from this weekend. We'll see how Day Two goes tomorrow!
If only paleo was this easy.

How was y'all's weekend? Hopefully not as eventful as mine!

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