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Girl Code

I am not the type of girl that had a ton of girlfriends growing up. While I'm not the girl that has only guy friends, I'm just the type that keeps my circle very close.

I share what I want everyone to know with...well, everyone. And I share what I want to keep close with my people in my circle.

Despite not having a bazillion girlfriends, I became pretty well versed in girlcode. 

Sad to say that, despite being 26 years old, I'm still finding out that some girls never learned that code and have no problems being disloyal to other women that the call friends.

I'll be honest, I don't break girl code for any girl, friend or not. Because that isn't my thing and it isn't my place.

5 lessons in GirlCode that if you didn't know, now you do

5. Lay down the man laws of your girl code 
Generally speaking, for me, it is not okay to date someone your friend has already dated. Point blank. But situations are different for every group and you should be clear about that with your friends. Or else this is gonna make for some really awkward encounters for everyone.

4. "Does this make me look fat?"

Honesty doesn't have to be mean, but you ARE mean if you let you girlfriend walk around looking like a crazy, hot ass, mess. It's pretty easy to answer that question with something like, "eh, I'm not liking it for tonight but I really love when you wear [insert flattering outfit here] wear that tonight."

3. You're your girl's best wingman. Know your role.
Help your girl out when it comes to someone they think is cute. Help introduce them and facilitate conversation. Your girl will feel so much more comfortable that you're there, she won't be stressed about having to impress someone else. And don't try to snipe the person of interest away from your friend. Because that's shitty.

2. Support your friend. Defend your friend. No matter what.

My friends can be wrong and can live all kinds of questionable lives and no one is going to talk shit about them so I can hear it. Know why? Because I'll defend them to the death. I'll let them know how I feel and what I think (because that's that honesty thing), but I'll be damned if someone else is gonna say anything bad about my friends because they're MINE. I'll support in their success, pain, joy, and every other emotion and situation because we're friends. Duh.

1. Don't tell your girlfriends' secrets and don't talk shit about them.
Talking shit about your friends and/or telling their secrets makes you the worst kind of friend. For real. I can't even stress how important this is. Mainly because doing this doesn't just make you a shitty friend, it makes you a shitty person. Also because, chances are, the girls you're talking shit about probably could say similar or worse things about you (but I hope they don't, in a supreme observance of girlcode).

When in doubt or not in doubt, follow girl code.
If she is your friend, if she isn't your friend, if she's just a random, whatever.
Because it's too much for girls to be pitted against one another and being ugly.
It's too much for girls to show weakness by allowing petty shit cause us to attack each other.
we have far more important things to worry about than bashing each other in a ridiculous, crab in a bucket mentality. Like saying or doing shitty things to each other is going to somehow make us look good. 
Because what Susie says about Sally says far more about Susie than it does about Sally. 

If you already follow girlcode, I hope this was a good refresher. If you somehow missed the learning curve, study up and be a better friend. Now.      

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