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Baby, it's cold outside: 5 ways to keep warm during the WOD

It must be freezing outside because everyone and their mama is posting about it on facebook, including me.

I ran yesterday in 19 degree weather and it was an interesting experience. Ever had your sweat freeze on you? I have.

That being said, because of this weather, a lot of gym rats (again, myself included) have no idea how to dress. As someone who routinely wears shorts and a tank top because it's hotter than the devil's bellybutton in Louisiana most of the time, this cold was shocking to say the least. My box doesn't have the best heating system so to say it was a little cold is the biggest understatement of the year.

5. All fleece errthang
I've never had much reason to wear fleece. Like, it's hot. So fleece lined leggings? Why? Because it keeps you warm when it's 10 degrees outside, that's why. Fleece was my savior this week when I literally piled on every piece of it I own to make sure that I didn't freeze to death while running a 5k.

4. Ski Masks/Scarves
I don't have a ski mask, but I do have scarves and I took full advantage of them this week. Not only did they keep my neck warm, but I used the tails to stick in my cleavage and keep my sweat from freezing me. Too much info? Too bad. It was really successful.

3. Headbands
Using big headbands that cover the ears was really helpful for me. Even though mine are thin, they still helped shield my ears from wind and cold and (hopefully) helped me prevent a future ear infection.

2. Layers on layers on layers
LAYER CLOTHES ON YOUR BODY. As you warm up and get warmer, take them off. I've been stripping clothes off while I'm doing the WOD and just throwing them in a pile until I'm finished. It's worth it. Yes, it's kind of bulky and maybe difficult to move at first, but it's way better than hypothermia. Just saying.

1. When in doubt, stick your hands between your legs
Wait, what?
My hands are always the first thing to freeze cold. Mainly because your blood travels to your main organs to keep them warm, right? So when you're trying to put a barbell in a pair of freezing cold hands...that's a recipe for disaster. When I start feeling my hands get cold, I shove 'em under my arms or between my legs. It looks weird kind of, but I'm not taking any chances out here.

The whole point of doing crossfit is to move fast, right? So it's cold. The faster you move, the warmer you'll get. I promise. Just make sure that you sprint as fast as you can to your car when you're done so you can get there before you start to cool down because frozen sweat is not what's up.

Do y'all have any suggestions on how to keep warm during these frigid temperatures? Leave me a comment!

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