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5 on Friday: It's a party


Usually I'm really excited about these posts (because they mean it's Friday. Duh) but I'm less excited about this one because it also means my winter break is coming to a close. And I'm pissed about it. I needed more than a month off to get my life together after the stress of last semester. Just sayin'.

1. Thank you notes
I GOT A THANK YOU NOTE IN THE MAIL YESTERDAY. A handwritten, really nice thank you note. It was awesome. And I love that someone else, besides me, took some time to sit down and write one.

2. Running is maybe getting easier.
I don't know if it's actually getting easier or if I'm just losing my mind. Either way.

3. 8 months until I'm a resident of Texas again!
I get a text every morning from Mama Nancy counting down the days. I am (almost) as excited as she is that I'm moving home (if that's even possible--woman is THRILLED).

4. Lone Survivor comes out today!
I have been really excited about this movie. Not only because I love the story, but also because it tells the story about Michael P. Murphy, the soldier that the CrossFit Hero WOD Murph is named after. I literally cannot wait to see it tonight.

5. Blog fraaaaannnnss
In case you haven't seen, I've got BEAUCOUP new fraaaans on my right sidebar. And if you haven't been to visit them, you should.

My girl Billie Jo has literally been around since EPW started. She always comments on my facebook page with something inspiring/motivating. I'm always amazed that she can be a mama, a wife, juggle her life, and be an awesome crossfitter! Go visit her by clicking on her button.
Lizzy is a girl just living a healthier lifestyle through crossfit and finding her passion! She's a college student and a die hard Auburn fan. She posts regularly on her progress and has some really awesome views on life! Visit her by clicking her picture below

Lizzy from The Weigh
Jessica and Misty over at Sparkles and Glue are two best friends that love "embracing life's imperfections". They try out different foods/recipes, make crafts and do all the fun/cool stuff that I wanna do. So I live vicariously through them. Right now, they're participating in a detox that looks incredible!  
Sparkles and Glue

Meg over at Meg in Training might be my long lost twin. I only discovered her recently, but I feel like I connect with so many things she says! I'm even more blown away that she, like Billie Jo, is able to balance her crossfit life with family life and wife life. My friends are incredible! I can't even make decisions about what to eat for dinner. Visit her by clicking her button here

Meg In Training
Tillie over at Hello Tillie is on a fitness journey learning to be healthy but most importantly learning to love herself. She loves red lipstick, crafts, and exploring (!!!). She's also from Australia, which is the coolest thing. She has a really awesome and refreshing perspective on life, health, and how to be happy! Visit her here: 
Visit Tillie from Hello Tillie HERE!

Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend and do some fun shiz so you can share with me next week!

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