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5 on Friday: Back 2 School


1. eBay is my savior.
This month has been rough financially due to a lot of travel and the holidays of last month. Thankfully, I've gotten the hang of this eBay and PoshMark thing and I've been selling some awesome stuff which has really been my savior.

In case any of you want to shop my PoshMark closet, please visit the link on the right! If you want to visit my eBay store, you can visit this link: http://www.ebay.com/usr/aherre1. I post new things every 5 days and sometimes more often. I've got some really cute stuff coming up!

2. Paleo challenge: update
Things are going really good this week! Usually by this time, I'm suffering from extreme Paleo flu and I'm a monster. I think maybe the increase in exercise is really helping me not be a terrible person due to lack of carbs. Hopefully this continues...or else I'll be a big rage monster by next week.

I get to go home and see my people this weekend in Houston! I am entirely too excited, I can't even handle it. As much as I love Louisiana, I get very homesick. Some of y'all want me to come visit you, too, in other places in Texas so I guess I'll have to make a Texas tour one of these days!
Home. Don't even tell me you don't wanna be from here.

4. My readers aren't crazy.
I posted the 5 things I want to stop seeing on social media (http://eatpraywod.blogspot.com/2014/01/5-things-i-want-to-stop-seeing-on.html) and my readers not only agreed with me but added some things to my list. What did they add?
-These "To be honest/To be real" posts. Basically, people post a photo that says "to be honest" and people like it. Then the original poster is supposed to post what they honestly think about you or whatever. I think it's dumb. I mean, I live my life honestly telling people exactly what I think of them. You don't need to like my photo to get me to tell you. I love giving people my unsolicited opinion of them.

-Being all judgey about people's bodies.
QUIT. IT. "she's too fat." "she's too skinny." "real women have curves." "he needs muscle."
Quite honestly, it's nobody's business what anyone else does with their bodies. But my mama taught me that if you don't have anything nice to say, you don't say anything out loud. So if your mama didn't teach you that, now you know. Adjust your behavior accordingly. BOOM.

-Duck faces.
Make it stop.

It's 2014. This doesn't have to happen.

5. School is BACK in session. Yawn.
LSU has started class again and I'm in 2 undergraduate classes and am taking them for graduate credit (meaning I have to do more work and earn it. Great). It's weird. A) I teach the same kiddos I take class with. B) Undergrads ask the funniest questions, "um, this required textbook, do I actually need to buy it? Like, will it be on the tests?" Yes. It's required. Looking forward to an entertaining semester.

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