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You're always a kid on Christmas

Christmas time is arguably my favorite season of the entire year. 
1. It's my birthday season. And I LOVE birthdays. 
2. I love getting gifts for people. Literally. In love with it.

Seriously? I can feel the excitement radiating from this photo. SO HAPPY for Sesame Street.
 As much as I love Christmas, I hate cold weather. But I will tolerate it to go riding in the car, looking at everyone's Christmas decorations.

Mama always waits till the very last minute Christmas Eve to wrap our gifts, so she makes us all go to bed early. 

I will lay in my bed for hours in the anticipation of morning.

I will be the first one awake and I'll force myself back to sleep to give my parents some extra rest.

My mother will spend hours making the most beautiful bows for each and every present, no matter the size. 

I'll pretend to be really careful with the wrapping paper...but I really want to rip it all off and roll around in it. I mean, really? What's more fun than playing in wrapping paper?

My daddy will pretend that he's really annoyed that he has to open presents but he'll be THRILLED when I find some creative way to make sure he gets the $1,000,000,000 he asked for. 
Have you ever seen a happier little girl!?
 Christmas day can find me eating every single thing that my mama puts on the table until I physically can no longer eat or until I pass out from the 'itis. 

And when I wake up? I'm heading straight to Brittany's house to eat some of GW's famous cheese ball. I tried to make it myself once, but it just isn't good unless he makes it.

Ridin' dirty.
 Christmas day usually ends with me re-stuffing myself with leftovers and passing out by 6 pm. 

Job well done, Santa.

What are you Christmas traditions?

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