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Lil Final Week...OOH!

Finals week. What's up.
This is approximately my 10,189,301 finals week and I still have not learned to appropriately prepare for it. 

Thankfully, going to LSU, I had the Lil Final Boyz to guide me through all the major points to a successful finals week. All points that continue to guide me through educational success to this day.

5 ways to successfully survive finals week (as brought to you by Lil Final Boyz)
Lil Final Boyz
5. Pencil wit it
Get it, get it, get it, get it. Chances are, you're gonna need a pencil for finals this week. I know, I know. They're annoying to write with and they smudge, but it's way better to get to erase your ridiculous, non-sensical answer than to have to scratch it out with a pen. Trust. If you're really a scholar, bring more than one. 

4. Swipe your ID, sign the pad
I don't care where your final is, in a classroom or the computer lab, you better have your ID on you. There is nothing worse showing up right on time for your 10 am final in the Hines Hall computer lab...and not having your ID on you. In the classroom, teachers are notorious for springing up the whole "you have to show me your ID before you turn in your final so I can verify your identity." Don't be that guy that fails a final AND has to go to the dean of students because you didn't have yours.

3. One big room, full'o blue books
Go get you some (read: MORE THAN ONE) blue books and some scantrons. Big and small. Don't be the guy that shows up to the final and has to ask everyone else for materials you should have had the sense to have. No one likes that guy.

2. Don't blame it on the teacher (c'monnnn)
I know how this goes, y'all. You spend the entire semester on FB and then the final is so hard and it's all the teacher's fault. I'm totally guilty. Better get you some caffeine and get ready for some all nighters because you've gotta get some studying in. And if shiz goes bad, well...

1. Got a D? Better email 'em, ooh!
We all know we need C's in our major coursework for it to count toward graduation (unless you're a graduate student like me. In that case, cry with me since we can only get B's or better). So getting a D? Not an option. Unfortunately, emailing your professor is pretty underutilized when it comes to grades. Reach out to your professor and hope for the best. Worst they can say is no. 

Oh, you don't know who Lil Final Boyz are? Enjoy.

Good luck y'all, on your finals! I'll be camped out with a large pot of coffee, a 24 pack of diet coke, and some bacon until Thursday night.

And remember, "if you don't know the answer to a question and you're stressin', start guessin'"!

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