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Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

Today is Veteran's Day!

I've been really impressed by the outpouring of support I've seen for our vets this Veteran's Day. It's completely awesome to see so many people recognizing others for their sacrifice. 

I am very fortunate to be the granddaughter of two very proud World War II veterans. Neither even saw their service as something they should take special pride in. They saw their service as something they needed to do to protect their country. It had to get done, so they did it. 
My grandpa, Mama Nancy's daddy. US Navy. Former VFW Commander. Hot stuff all around. Wish I had some pictures of Papa Chale. But y'all see Mama Nancy in that bottom left corner photo? She's a cutie.

I'm pretty thankful that my rights are defended everyday by people who don't even know me.
My ability to write this here silly little blog is defended by people who give up their freedom everyday-willingly!-to protect mine. 

And that kind of selflessness is worthy of being commended everyday.

So thank you, veteran.
Thanks for choosing to put on your uniform, lace up your boots, and do what you do best: protect and serve. 
Thank you for knowing that while not everything that's said is worth actually saying, everyone deserves the right to say it. Thank you for fighting for that right.
Thanks for following orders when they seem unclear and doing your best job at all times. 

Thanks for remaining honorable.
Thanks for upholding our flag and our rights.
Thank you for sacrificing precious time and energy for my freedoms. 
Thank you to those of you who made an ultimate sacrifice so that others wouldn't have to. 

Just, thank you.
We are the land of the free, BECAUSE of the brave.

If you're reading this, I hope you thanked a teacher. If you're reading this in English, thank a veteran!

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