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Confessions on Friday

Soooo...a lot of my blogger friends do a "5 on Friday" thing that I think is cool. You know, pick 5 things to touch on before the weekend. And I was totally down for doing that this Friday.

Except I've been in a "confessions" type of mood. 

First, if y'all don't follow the FaceBook page, Confessions of a CF'er, you should. It's a page where crossfitters from all over submit (anonymously) their confessions. Some of them are funny, some are inspiring, some are motivation, some are raunchy, and some are sleazy. All of them are fun to read. 

Second, I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Back East Blonde, and Nadine wrote out some of her confessions! 

Clearly, this is a sign.

New hair: I added wayyyyy more blonde. Guess we'll find out if blondes have more fun
1. I am way over this semester of school. 
Usually I really love my classes and my program, but this semester is really focused on research and I'm all the way over it. As much as I want to focus myself and just ride this out...I am also suffering from, uh, grad school-itis?

2. I'm addicted to Candy Crush.
I completely am. Don't judge. The only reason I haven't terrorized my friends asking for tickets on FB is because I didn't connect it to my profile. Friends, you're welcome.
Just ONE MORE SQUARE OF JELLY. That's all I freakin' needed.

3. I get really confused about my whole path in life sometimes.
No lie, sometimes I start thinking about all the things I was supposed to do or could have done or have to do in the future and I freak. Completely lose it. I call my mama talkin' about "I think I'd make a really good 911 operator" and she's all like, "are you kidding me? You're freaking out right now about shit that hasn't even happened and you want to deal with people's emergencies?" Yes, mom. Yes, I do. I think.
Realization: I have no idea what I'm actually going to do with my life.
4. I've realized that Axl is wildly protective of me. And I love it.
This kid doesn't play. I mean, I get that he's deaf and all, but he is SO READY to bite anyone's head off that he feels is threatening me. I feel so safe at night. Except when he's sleeping. Then I'm kind of nervous.

5. I am really excited for all my friends getting married/having babies...
...because this means I have more reason to drink excessive amounts of celebratory champagne. Oh, and they're happy, too. So that's good.

Any of y'all got confessions for this lovely Friday?

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