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5 on Friday

5 on Friday? Already? Okay, here goes.

1. The weather.
What the shiz is going on here, Baton Rouge? A week ago, it was 20 degrees outside. Currently, it's 83 and it feels like a hurricane is headed my way. Get it the eff together.
I want to be ready for Christmas already, weather.
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2. Crossfit-y update
I haven't posted too much about my training lately. Mainly because I've been having a nagging tendonitis problem in my left knee that was just getting worse and worse. After being berated to death about resting by all of my athletic trainer friends, I finally did it. 3 straight days of rest+ice twice a day+ibuprofen. My knee actually feels better. Like, 100% better. But don't tell them they were right. They'll just get big heads about it and say, "I told you so".

3. Prayers needed, please.
Y'all know that I fear the future sometimes (okay, all the time). I have applied for a job that is wonderful and I think (hope and pray) that I would be a great fit for. I don't want to say too much about it, but I would generously accept any prayers and good juju y'all may wanna send my way. Like, you know, drop the man upstairs a little line and be like, "hey God, help my girl Ace out, please?" I would be wildly appreciative.

4. The semester is almost over!
This semester has been so rough. Most of my classes are based in research methods and well...methods aren't really my thing. Everyone wants me to be all deep and introspective about my answers and possible places my answers could lead...but I feel like it's all common sense stuff that leads to nowhere, so I'm all like, "uhhh...2+2=4. The end." 
I've been plagued with feeling overwhelmed and overly frustrated. BUT! The bright light is that finals are almost here which means the end of the semester is near!

5. I wore yoga pants
I've read Whitney's blog, I Wore Yoga Pants to Work, before but last night I actually got a chance to stalk read it. and I love her. Like, I feel like we should be best friends. Since, of course, I am a fan of the wearing yoga pants to work and even more so because she started "Back That Azz Up Fridays" where everybody gets to link up the songs that are kickin' their weekends off right.
Rodeo by Juvenile on Grooveshark

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