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Madness? This is Sparta

Spartan Warriors. 
It's said that there are no greater warriors in all the history of all the world. 

At birth, Spartan children were inspected for any sign of physical defect that could prevent them from being superior warriors. If deemed physically unfit, children were left for dead in the elements. Bred for supreme physical excellence, young Spartan boys began military training at age 7 and were expected to forage for themselves at age 12. Spartan girls were allowed to stay at home but required to pursue physical fitness through dance, gymnastics, javelin, and discus throwing to ensure a healthy vessel by which to bear future Spartan children.

To say that the Spartan life was difficult is an understatement. But to say that it wasn't beneficial to its people would be a lie. 

Today, things are different. Our lifestyles are little easier. But there are still those of us in search of that physical excellence. Maybe not even in the physical aesthetic (even though, uh, that's a GREAT thing), but in the physical capabilities. The ability of our bodies to be pushed beyond their known limits and find new ones. 

For those of you looking for new limits: there's a Spartan Race for you.
The Spartan Races are testing the limits of those brave enough to take them on. They test the endurance, strength, and sense of humor for all that participate. They are the most popular of Obstacle Course Races and I've had a ton of friends participate then fall in love with them. 

This year, on December 7,  NBC Sports will air a 90 minute special dedicated to the Reebok Spartan Race World Championships will air, highlighting the most elite Spartan Race athletes in the world. This obstacle course journey is not one to be missed. 

While you're at it, the great folks over at Spartan Race have given me a link to allow my Eat.Pray.WOD readers to get a 15% discount on the fees to sign up for a Spartan Race! Get the code HERE.

And because they're so great, they've given me the opportunity to giveaway a FREE Spartan Race! You can enter the rafflecopter drawing below for your chance to win.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
I'll be watching on the 19th, measuring where I want to be. I'm looking forward to running my first one, testing my fitness, and having an incredible time doing it. Who's going with me?

Come back with your shield. Or on it. 
See y'all on the battlefield!


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