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Go. G-E-A-U-X. Geaux.

Can we please stop for a second and revel in something? Okay, so I'm a grad student right? I'm working on my masters in Kinesiology focusing in pedagogy and strength and conditioning. I finished my first semester in August and cheese and rice it was hard.

Thankfully, I worked my entire ass off and-lo and behold-I got a 4.0. Which is definitely worth it considering all the nights I stayed up actually reading all those case studies for Dr. Garn's class. 
Say what? Did this really happen? It did. (sorry for the crappy screenshot. I suck)
And THEN...I got offered a Graduate Assistantship with my department. In case you're not aware of what that means (don't be shamed, I had NO idea what it meant), I get to teach class at LSU. Like, I get to TEACH CLASS at LSU. So I've been blessed with the opportunity to teach Weightlifting, Jogging, and Principles of Conditioning...AT LSU. Holy crap. 
That shiz is cool.
Not so cool? The first day of school is literally 4 days away.
Me, writing my syllabi.
While teaching is not new to me (duh) this is definitely a new endeavor. 

SO! Say a little (or a whole lot) prayer and wish me luck as I'm officially on staff at LSU as a graduate assistant. 

AND there are less than 14 days until kickoff.

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