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A'in some Q's

So. I've got some Q's that need A'in' so today, on this marvelous Thursday, I'm gonna do just that.

1. Where the hell have you been?
I've been barracading myself in my temporary office at LSU. Between studying, teaching, working, working out, and attempting to sleep every once in awhile, I actually have no idea what is going on ever. I found myself asleep on top of my dryer last night for a quick nap before I woke up and read more chapters for class. In case anyone's interested, your laundry room is a fantastic place to nap.

Right you are.

2. You started running. How do you know when to run, how far to run, etc?
I started doing the Couch to 5K program which has a free app for iPhone (and Android, I believe). I'm very lucky that the developers of this app not only integrated a music component that uses my own music, but also a cheery lady  voice that reminds me when it's time to jog and time to walk.
It also has an automatic status update available for you when you finish your workout for the day to let your facebook friends and twitter followers know when you finish your day. Because, you know, if you can't tweet about it/facebook about it then it didn't actually happen.

3. What classes do you teach?
I teach undergraduate jogging, weightlifting, and principles of conditioning. Those poor students.

4. I bet you're the nicest teacher ever.
Most of my students would disagree.

5. How's the nutrition thing going?
It's going well. It's been a little harder since school started since I spend so little time at home, but it's still going. I'm hoping to have an awesome photo session in a month and a half to keep my motivation up.

6. After the CrossFit games, is Camille still your favorite girl athlete?
Uh, yes. I would never abandon Cammie. But it should also be noted that I met Jenn Jones at regionals, she trains at coaches in Houston, and she's one of the nicest athletes ever. I was cheering her on so hard and I'm so happy that she placed as high as she did. Definitely one of my new favorites.

7. When do you go to the gym now?
Whenever I can. I recently started going back to 5 am class and loved it. I missed it so much. All of my RSCF family is so great, but there's something about 5 am that's unbeatable for me. Maybe it's because we're all nuts. Whatevs.

8. Are you really competing at Battle of the Fittest in Alexandria this weekend? RX or Scaled? Can I come talk to you?
Yes, I really am. I'm competing with my friend Nicole in the scaled division (Southern BarBELLEs, what's up!) and I'm super excited/nervous about it. And OF COURSE you can come talk to me. Kidding me? You would make my day. Fo' reals.

9. Did you find a boyfriend yet?
No. I am developing a questionable and potentially unhealthy relationship with my daily planner AND my Research Methods book.
10. What are you studying in school and when do you graduate? What the heck are you gonna do when you graduate?
I am a graduate student in the Department of Kinesiology at LSU. I focus on Sports Pedagogy and Psychology with an additional focus on strength and conditioning and integrated rehabilitation. This is a lot of words to say: I teach people to pick up heavy things and put them down in order to make their lives better (hopefully). My research focuses on the role of physical and nutritional education in low income neighborhoods. I graduate (God willing) in August of 2014. After graduation, I'm planning on moving back to Texas and securing a position as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist. That's all, of course, dependent on me actually--you know--graduating.
And I'm off to read for Methods and wait patiently until my class starts at 4:30...or maybe I'll end up taking an involuntary nap.

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