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Friday: By The Numbers

Well, it's Friday and 

Just kidding. I just want to drink scotch.

I pretty much have nothing to write today. I've thought and thought about it and I got nothing. Sometimes, when I'm bored, I send Mama Nancy emails about my day by the numbers, so I'll share with y'all:

6: the hour I woke up this morning.

27: The number of times I've said, "thank you for calling Highland Plantation, this is Ace, I can help you."
Too bad I am nowhere near as cute as this guy.
8: the number of days left in summer school.

87: the number of times I've thought about food today.

578: the number of searches I've done to develop the perfect tattoo.

2: the number of days left before I go get a tattoo with Melissa.

22: the number of days left of apartment turn 2013.

56: how many times I've thought about failing on my clean ladder yesterday.

13: the number of people I've told about how excited I am to have cut down my mile time.

563: The number of people who read about my terrible dating life yesterday.

403: approximately the number of days until I move back to Texas

10: the number of hours my hometown is away from me.

1: number of facebook statuses (statusi?) I've posted about being pissed about the New Orleans Hornets Pelicans name change.

3: the number of times I've almost choked laughing at my coworkers.

0: the number of books I've read for pleasure this summer.

19816983: The number of books I've wanted to read for pleasure this summer.

2: the number of times I've pretended to be someone's girlfriend to get them out of a sticky situation today.

3.1: the number of miles I plan on running once I get off of work.

1: the number of miles I'll actually run, probably.

25: number of hours before I'll be headed to New Orleans to see two of my favorites.

approximately 307: the number of questionable decisions I plan on making while in New Orleans.

I hope all of y'all have great plans for the weekend and I'll attempt to get over my fascination with GIFs while in New Orleans. Try, but I'll promise nothing.

On that note:

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