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So I'm just at home the other night, being a good grad student and analyzing case studies like this:
Just kidding. I usually look like this:
This is confusion, people! Excuse my bra strap photo bomb.
And so I did what I always do when my schoolwork confuses me: get on facebook.

And my head coach's awesome wife, Mama Melissa, posts this article about...(dun, dun, DUNNNN!) cellulite. Specifically, female athlete cellulite.

And I'm all like, "ew, Mel, it's bad enough that I have to look at my own freakin' cellulite, I don't wanna read about someone else's." 

But being the sick individual that I am, I'm like, "well, I guess it'll make me feel better about my own if I read about someone else's so let's do that shiz." 

So I did. And I'm so glad I did. 
You can read the really awesome and enlightening article HERE.

Know what's funny? I really beat myself up about cellulite. I'm all analyzing myself in the mirror and picking out every perceived dimple or dent or whatever I can find to beat myself up about. But I NEVER notice it on other women. Like, ever. When I look at other girls working out with me or other women in general, I always find their best characteristics. And it always shocks me when they mention how insecure with their bodies they are. 

They're all like, "I hate my thunder thighs, I have all this cellulite..."
And I'm like, "are you kidding me? Your legs are awesome!" 

I think this article really helped me realize four very important things:
A) everyone has cellulite. Literally. Everyone. It's just natural.
B) I really am my own worst enemy. Everyone doesn't seek out all my flaws just like I don't seek out their flaws.
C) Based on the comments in on that awesome article, guys don't give a shit about cellulite. As one spot-on guy put it, "'that girl's really hot...but she has cellulite, said no guy ever.'"
D) As Mama Melissa said, we live in Louisiana and it's too damn hot to wear workout pants. So embrace your legs and wear some booty shorts!

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