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brainnn drainnnn

A post! At 10:58 pm! 
I can't even believe I'm seeing what 10:58 pm looks like.

It's the end of summer school midterm week, which makes me happier than a camel on hump day (hu-hu-hu-hu-humpday!) 

I pretty much had two midterms (my third class doesn't have exams) that completely drained my life force. 
In one class, I had to hand write a response to two questions...my response was ELEVEN handwritten pages. Who knew I had that much to say about anything? (probably y'all) 
The other was a presentation about integrated strength conditioning that I had to give in front of my peers which was single handedly the most nerve wracking thing I've ever had to do. Considering I didn't throw up, pass out, or die, I'd say it went well.

An update on nutrition training: I've been working really hard to keep my eating good and healthy and Azadeh has been keeping me ON TRACK! I love. In fact, today I fit into a pair of white jeans that I haven't been able to get over my thighs ever. I bought them back in 2011 hoping that ONE day I might put 'em on. Well, today's that day!

Because it was midterm week, I spent all of my free time studying. Literally. I slept on top of my books and case studies. So I didn't spend time in the box. I felt like the WOD Gods would understand. At least until I get back in there on Monday and they kill me.

So because I have nothing WOD related or food related...here are 5 things you probably didn't know about me. Or maybe you did. I don't know your life.

5. I love any and all things sparkly.
If it has rhinestones, sequins, or glitter on it, I automatically love it more than if it didn't. All problems can be fixed with sparkly shit. Well, not shit that is sparkly. You know what I mean.

4. I wanted to be a Marine. And everyday, I still do.
I knew that I wanted to college but I also knew I wanted to be a Marine. When I graduated high school, the Marines weren't allowing women in infantry roles...but now that they're testing the waters, I'm still holding out hope. I can also shoot a rabbit in the eye from 50 yards out. Bet.

3. I love make up, but I rarely wear it.
If you follow me on instagram (@_eatpraywod) you probably already know this, but as much as I love makeup, I rarely wear it. My makeup routine is 4 steps and I think it's 4 steps too many. Putting stuff on my face? Ain't nobody got time for that.

2. My favorite color is yellow. 
There is no happier color!

1. If someone can't express themselves in writing with correct punctuation and grammar, I immediately deem their opinion invalid.
Having to read an entire paragraph with no punctuation is mind numbing. It literally kills me on the inside. I mean, I can make exceptions for more complex grammar. Sometimes people are scared of semicolons. But it's hard to make a really serious point when you're misusing there and their. 

I finished this post at 12:06 am. Did I seriously take this long to write about nothing? I did. What are some fun facts about you?

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